Kimberly Kooper (KK) - "Alice"

K.K. began her singing career at the young age of 8 years old. She spent most of her time performing in a small So. Cal. concert hall she likes to call "Kimberly's Rockin' Bedroom." There, she spent countless hours rehearsing, perfecting and performing for "SOLD-OUT" concerts and shows. Her audience consisted of dolls, stuffed animals, her cocker spaniel, some cats, a turtle and her adoring little brother (Hey Stoopid), who was tied to a chair, gagged and beaten, if need be.

K.K. continued to pursue her passion for singing rock music as a teen and into her adult years, fronting several local rock bands at various different venues.

Currently, she still spends countless hours rehearsing, perfecting and performing all over So. Cal. The venues have gotten bigger, the audiences have become real live people, and the pursuit and passion to "ROCK THE HOUSE" is stronger than ever.

P.S. Her little brother (Hey Stoopid) still adores her!!!


Raider Rob - drums

Raider Rob started playing drums at a young age of 15 years old.  Rob is rumored  to be an intergalactic alien, who touched down in Fontana, California where he assimilated while awaiting directives from the mother ship. Later, after traveling the world working on fighter jets, he decided to come back to SoCal. Upon re-entry, he played in local Inland Empire and High Desert bands including High Risk, Frog Fight and The Modd Rodds. 


Rob joined House Of Alice in 2014 as an actor/ lighting and equipment technician. In November 2018, Rob auditioned and was selected as the drummer for House Of Alice.  He has since denounced his intergalactic alien status and resides in the High Desert with his wife and dogs. 


 Michael Paul - guitar / vocals



 Rich Rojas - bass / vocals

Rich grew up in the So. CA city of Fontana. It was during this time that his musical style and taste were developed. His musical influences are too many to list, but by and large were from the rock and roll world. When Alice Cooper came on the scene with his unique sound and over-the-top theatrics, Rich was hooked.

Over the years, Rich played in various Inland Empire bands. His main priorities are his family and friends. 

Rich currently resides in the High Desert area of CA with his wife and two wieners. Yes, dogs rule.

Marc Donner - guitar / vocals

Marc was born in Stuttgart, West Germany. He moved to the states in the mid 60’s. Marc started playing drums when he was 10 years old. In the late 70’s and early 80’s, Marc started touring the country with a circuit band as a drummer. In 1985, he started playing guitar. In 1989, he moved to the High Desert area of CA, opened a music store and went to Luthier School (violin building and repair.)

For the past 20 years, Marc has been playing in local bands and running his business: teaching music and repairing musical instruments.

Marc was approached at his shop by a band member who had asked to hang a flier advertising for a second guitarist for House of Alice. Marc joined the band and the flier was not needed…he even went next door to a music store and their flier magically disappeared. :)

Cast Members

Lizzy Obscura                                 Neil Madden                                  Dennis Deccio

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